Advisory Board

Mission Statement

“As a private practice optometrist, I am proud to serve on the Advisory Board for KODAK Lenses. Signet Armorlite (SA), the makers of KODAK Lenses, instituted the Advisory Board in 2000 to ensure that its products and services are ideally suited to the needs of private practitioners. All of the members of the Board are private eyecare practitioners. Since we are in private practice, we can provide SA with a unique and accurate perspective on current issues facing our industry, as well as advice on what products and services are best for today’s eyecare professionals. In addition, the Advisory Board tests products before they are launched and publishes test market results, as was the case with the KODAK Precise Progressive Lens.

Today, 85% of Signet Armorlite’s products and services are devoted to the independent practitioner. In addition to PracticePlus and SA’s involvement in optometric organizations, such as the AOA, the Advisory Board is yet another program that demonstrates SA’s dedication and focus to independent practitioners like us.”
Kirk L. Smick, O. D., FAAO
Founding Advisory Board member


The Signet Armorlite Advisory Board is comprised of a panel of optometrists from across the U.S. and Canada. All are in private practices that range from large multi-doctor groups to solo practices. Board meetings occur semi-annually or annually at unique locations such as Cancun, Scottsdale, Vancouver, Cabo San Lucas, San Diego and Kona. Our meetings focus on the current needs of private eyecare practitioners. We discuss new product designs, test market results, provide direction to SA and present educational forums. These board meetings are wonderful opportunities to become rejuvenated about our own practices, excited about the latest developments in optometry, and educated about the latest technological advancements and issues affecting the industry.

About Our Advisors

Board members participate in PracticePlus and are instrumental in its ongoing success. They keep us aware of the challenges and rewards of private practice and provide accurate information for the KODAK Lens design and engineering teams. Additionally, the Advisory Board provides ideas for new PracticePlus programs and events to enhance the whole office approach of private practice. Our board members rotate in order to keep the forum current and democratic. For information on how you can increase your involvement in PracticePlus or to learn more about Advisory Board for KODAK Lenses membership, contact SA at 800.950.5367 or email

Current Advisory Board Members

Dr. John N. Chrisagis
Dr. Robert S. Glass
Dr. Dean Morellato
Dr. Gary Morgan
Dr. Gregory N. Parrish

Emeritus Members

Dr. Wellington Bentley Dr. Merle Berry
Dr. Paul DiFiore Dr. Peter Liane
Dr. Danny Malone Dr. Lorne Muth
Dr. Robert Peterson Dr. Steve Phillips
Dr. Doug Schroeder Dr. Kirk Smick
Dr. Joel Halpern Dr. David Nelson
Dr. James Stephens Dr. Sidney Stern
Dr. Duane deCroupet Dr. Harvey Hanlen
Dr. Dane Dansie Dr. Peter Van Hoven
Dr. John Coble Dr. David Heitmeier
Dr. Karen Wolf Dr. Mark Nordin
Dr. Larry Wan Dr. Michael P. Lange
Dr. David Mills Dr. Joyce M. Nations
Dr. Joseph Reitano