Education Offerings

SA is dedicated to the individual growth and development of optometrists and optical staff via education.


Signet Armorlite ABO Approved Seminars:

The following is a list of ABO-Approved Seminars offered by Signet Armorlite.
Please click here for details on each seminar.

Dress for Digital Success (Digital Fabrication Applications)
Be Fruitful and Multiply (Second Pair Sales)
Progressive Add Lenses (Progressives Part 1)
Equal PAL Selection (Progressives Part 2)
Minus Reflections (Anti-Reflective Coatings Part 1)
ARs Are Not The Same (Anti-Reflective Coatings Part 2)
Multiple Photochromics (Part 1)
Greater Photochromics (Part 2)
The Evolution of Lens Materials and Their Divisions (Part 1)
Less Weight and Thickness (Lens Materials Part 2)
S.E.E. Selling (Seeing Your Opportunity To Enthusiastically Serve Every Patient)