Product Logos

Terms and Conditions

From this image library you can download up to date, high quality images of the Kodak Lens logo, Kodak Precise Progressive, Kodak Concise Progressive, Kodak Unique Lens, Kodak InstaShades and the SA PolarShades logo. Instructions for the correct use of logos are included with the downloads.

In giving you permission to download and use these logos, we expect you to read and apply the guidelines supplied. Any use of the logos and images that does not comply with these guidelines is strictly prohibited. Any misuse may result in this permission being withdrawn; deliberate misuse could result in legal action against you.

I acknowledge that I use any images with the permission of Signet Armorlite and that such permission may be withdrawn at any time if Signet Armorlite considers that my use of them is inappropriate or damages the trade mark rights or the reputation of Signet Armorlite and/or Kodak, whereupon I will immediately cease such use and (where practicable) withdraw and destroy any materials in which the images have been so used.

I confirm that I have read, and accept, the above conditions and that any images I download will be used only in accordance with the guidelines supplied.