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You demand the best. Your patients demand the best. We are confident that Kodak DSII Progressive Lens delivers the best. We challenged ourselves to reach that next level of optical performance and offer you the most personalized, exceptionally clear, natural vision experience available in a Kodak Lens. With availability in 26 lens materials, Kodak DSII Progressive Lens provides a premium Kodak-branded progressive lens for even the most discerning patient.


Kodak DSII Lens incorporates a specially-crafted lens blank with a progressive design based on multiple proprietary technologies including Vision First DS and i-Sync Technology. The Kodak DSII Lens design integrates the horizontal and vertical surfaces of both sides of the lens resulting in a smooth wearing experience through the corridor as well as in the peripheral areas of the lens. The Kodak DSII Lens requires the individual patient’s point-of-wear measurements for a highly-customized viewing experience.