Comfortable Vision All Day

Fast-paced digital lifestyles require constant focusing on device screens at near distance resulting in tired, sore eyes and eye fatigue. KODAK PowerUp Lens is an eyestrain solution for adults between 25-40 years of age that are too young for progressive lenses but could benefit from a power boost in the reading area of their lenses.


Kodak PowerUp Lens is a single vision design enhanced with 2 power boost options in the near viewing zone. 0.40D provides enough magnification to alleviate the strain of the eye muscles maintaining near vision focus. A higher boost level of 0.66D works for individuals closer to needing reading correction.


Benefits for the Patient:
– Significantly reduces strain of the eye muscles to maintain focus at arms length to read device screens
– Optional HEV blue light filtration
– Two boost power levels
– Comfortable vision to enjoy digital devices for work and play, all day
– Confidence and peace of mind that comes with the trusted Kodak brand name


Benefits for the Practice:
– A solution for patients between single vision and progressive requirements
– Prepares pre-presbyopes to use near viewing zone for faster adaptation of a progressive in the future
– Options for both indoor and outdoor use
– Blue light filtering option
– Trusted Kodak brand: Known for reliability and consumer loyalty