Patient Experience

Up-Close and Productive
KODAK SoftWear Lenses are specifically designed for near-task activities. For patients who spend long hours in front of a computer or enjoy pastimes, such as model building or quilting, they can be experiencing eyestrain. Computer-based projects or large amounts of detail work demand the use of a near-variable focus lens.

Vision Correction Where You Need It Most
KODAK SoftWear Lenses are designed with a larger intermediate area perfectly placed for viewing a computer monitor. They also incorporate a wide reading area to provide comfortable viewing of source documents or the keyboard. KODAK SoftWear Lenses devote the majority of the lens to near and intermediate vision, eliminating the need to tilt your head.

If work or hobbies require constant viewing of items close up and 15” to 30” away, KODAK SoftWear Lenses will provide improved and comfortable viewing.

Why Prescribe KODAK SoftWear Lenses?

KODAK SoftWear – A Near-Variable Focus Lens
KODAK SoftWear Lenses are digitally-created backside near-variable focus lenses, assisting the eyes for prolonged intermediate and near-viewing tasks.

Easy-To-Order and Fit
KODAK SoftWear Lens is as easy to order and fit as a standard progressive lens. With a set monitor-viewing distance of 24-inches, KODAK SoftWear Lens simplifies lens dispensing without compromising visual performance.

Please advise your patients that KODAK SoftWear Lenses should not be worn while driving or other far-viewing tasks.