The Crossbows™ portfolio includes all-digital designs that are generally not included in insurance plans but are a great choice for mid-range and lower end economies. Progressive and single vision options allow coverage of an ample range of prescription and lifestyle needs.

Crossbows Custom V Progressive

  • A customized design that includes extra measurements for a personal fit
  • Well-balanced near, intermediate and viewing fields for comfortable wear
  • Smooth Optics™ technology reduces distortion and provides clear vision in the periphery
  • Clear, auto-darkening photochromic, polarized and UV/blue-violet light filtering options

Crossbows Custom U Progressive

  • Multiple corridor lengths to cover a wide range of frame sizes
  • Easy to adapt to
  • Generous viewing fields
  • Same selection of lens options as Custom V

Crossbows Basic Progressive

  • Great everyday lens with fewer lens options but still covers most indoor and outdoor needs
  • Good design placement for comfortable viewing across all zones
  • Available in 2 corridor lengths for regular and small frame sizes

Crossbows Junior Progressive

  • Specially created to help slow down the progression of early onset myopia in children 8-16 years of age
  • Large stable reading area and excellent peripheral clarity in the distance
  • Clear, photochromic, and polarized for indoors and outdorrs

Crossbows Custom SV

  • Smooth Optics technology for clear viewing on all prescriptions
  • Customized with extra measurements for sports and wrap frames
  • Available in clear, photochromic and polarized options

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