The Crossbows™ portfolio includes all-digital designs that are generally not included in insurance plans but are a great choice for mid-range and lower end economies. Progressive and single vision options allow coverage of an ample range of prescription and lifestyle needs.

Crossbows Custom V Progressive

A customized design that includes extra measurements for a personal fit

Well-balanced near, intermediate and viewing fields for comfortable wear

Smooth Optics™ technology reduces distortion and provides clear vision in the periphery

Clear, auto-darkening photochromic, polarized and blue light filtering options

Crossbows Custom U Progressive

Multiple corridor lengths to cover a wide range of frame sizes

Easy to adapt to

Generous viewing fields

Same selection of lens options as Custom V

Crossbows Basic Progressive

Great everyday lens with fewer lens options but still covers most indoor and outdoor needs, including blue light filtering

Good design placement for comfortable viewing across all zones

Available in 2 corridor lengths for regular and small frame sizes

Crossbows Junior Progressive

Specially created to help slow down the progression of early onset myopia in children 8-16 years of age

Large stable reading area and excellent peripheral clarity in the distance

Clear, photochromic, polarized and blue light filtering options

Crossbows Custom SV

Smooth Optics technology for clear viewing on all prescriptions

Customized with extra measurements for sports and wrap frames

Available in clear, photochromic and polarized options

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