Covered by most insurance plans, the KODAK Lens portfolio includes progressive designs for virtually every lifestyle. From everyday lenses to specialized designs for specific tasks, we’ve got your vision needs covered. In addition, our lens options range from clear to outdoor self-darkening photochromics, polarized sunwear and blue light filtering materials to keep your vision clear, comfortable and healthy.

KODAK Unique DRO® and KODAK Unique DRO HD Lenses – (Brochure)

  • Dynamic Reading Optimization® (DRO) enhances the reading area making these lenses ideal for digital lifestyles.
  • Prolonged viewing of digital devices at arm’s length can cause eyestrain. DRO’s wider reading zone alleviates symptoms, especially combined with a non-glare coating to ward off reflections from device screens.
  • Add blue light filtration for maximum comfort viewing devices
  • Available in the widest selection of lens options for any environment
  • Digital full backside designs
  • The HD version adds customization for a personal fit

KODAK Unique™ and KODAK Unique HD Lenses – (Brochure)

  • The widest distance field in this design makes it perfect for spectator sports and driving.
  • Also an excellent option for everyday wear.
  • Digital full backside designs
  • Includes an HD customized option and the same selection of lens options as the KODAK Unique DRO Lens

KODAK Precise®, KODAK Precise Digital, KODAK Precise Plus and KODAK Precise PB Lenses

  • A great first progressive for regular to large size frames.
  • Easy to adapt to
  • Good selection of lens options for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Full backside digital and traditional cast progressive options

KODAK Precise Short, KODAK Precise Short Digital, KODAK Precise Short Plus and KODAK Precise Short PB Lenses

  • A short corridor companion to the KODAK Precise Lens with the same attributes
  • The reading zone is reached sooner making it ideal for smaller frames
  • Full backside digital and traditional cast progressive options

(KODAK Precise Plus Brochure) – (KODAK Precise PB Brochure) – (Traditional KODAK Progressive Lenses flyer)

KODAK Easy Lens -(Brochure)

  • An introductory progressive ideal for bifocal conversions and low budgets
  • 2 corridors: 14 and 18 minimum fitting heights

Eyecare Professionals: Download the KODAK Lens Power Range Chart in our Literature Library for a complete listing of designs and lens options.