3M Optical Supplies

Since 1978, Signet Armorlite has proudly distributed 3M optical lab supplies in the U.S. All 3M premium lab supplies – Surface Saver™ Tape, LEAP™ Pads, Anti-Slip Discs and Blue Chip Lens Protectors – are manufactured with the finest materials and expert technology according to 3M’s highest quality standards. Because of their value and performance, 3M optical supplies are at work in labs everywhere, every day.

  • 3M LEAP LSE Pads
  • 3M LEAP III Finish Blocking Pads
  • 3M Anti-Slip Disc
  • 3M Blue Chip Lens Protectors
  • 3M Surface Saver Plus Tape
  • 3M Clear Protective Tape
  • 3M Surface Saver Applicator
  • 3M Press-On™ Optics


For lenses with anti-reflective coatings, choose 3M LEAP LSE edging pads with a specially formulated adhesive designed to adhere to hydrophobic coatings, while maintaining axis stability.

For technical assistance with 3M LEAP LSE Pads, contact Signet Armorlite at 800-759-0075, ext. 1376

Product No.
Pad Shape
Designed For
1707 18mm Oval Small Frames/Half eyes 1,000
1708 24mm Round Generic Use 1,000


3M LEAP III Finish Blocking Pads

Safeguard your lens treatment with 3M LEAP III Finishing Blocking Pads that offer the performance necessary for today’s expensive lenses. 3M LEAP III Pads provide an adhesive strength that reduces slippage so labs can experience fewer errors and less waste.

Improve productivity, turnaround time and lab efficiency by choosing any of these 3M LEAP III Pads. All of them offer superior adhesion to a variety of lens types.
For technical assistance with 3M LEAP III Pads, contact Signet Armorlite at 800-759-0075, ext. 1376

Product No.
Pad Shape
Designed For
1692M 26mm Round Weco flexible blocks 1,000
1693M 18mm Round Essilor Gamma edgers 1,000
1695M 24mm Round Generic use 2,000
1696M 18x28mm Oblong Small frames/ Half eyes 1,000
1700M 24mm Square Generic use 2,000
1701M 24mm Square Generic use 1,000
1712NR 18x33mm Oblong Nidek blocks 1,000


3M Blue Chip Lens Protectors

These 35mm round discs are designed to protect lenses through the finishing process. To safeguard lenses that are easily scratched -polycarbonate, high index and AR coated lenses – the 3M Blue Chip Lens Protectors can be used in a variety of finishing operations. Combined with 3M LEAP III Pads, Blue Chip Lens Protectors will reduce slippage in machine edging. As well as protect lenses during operations that require more handwork, such as faceting, hand edging, drilling, polish edging and grooving.

Blue Chip Lens Protectors are available in 2,000 discs/roll (#1647).

3M Anti-Slip Disc

Hydrophobic-coated lenses may cause challenges for the edging process. These slippery surfaces need special considerations when choosing an effective blocking system. To help labs avoid some costly edging difficulties, 3M has developed Anti-Slip Disc that is specially designed and formulated for edging slippery AR lenses.

The clear Anti-Slip Disc 1705 is placed between the slippery surface of the AR lens and a standard 3M LEAP™ III Pad to help improve adhesion and axis stability. Using the economically-priced Anti-Slip Disc with a standard LEAP Pad makes purchasing special non-slip edging pads unnecessary.

A free sample of the Anti-Slip Disc 1705 is available by calling Signet Armorlite at 800-759-0075. The sample will be sent with a brochure outlining instructions and tips for edging slippery lenses. As a long-time leader in adhesive technology, 3M compiled this valuable information through extensive research/development, optical lab interaction and product testing.

The 3M Anti-Slip Disc 1705, measuring 24mm x 44mm, is packaged in quantities of 500.

Surface Saver Plus Tape (for alloy blocking)

3M’s most popular lens blocking tape is a linered, high-performance tape for alloy blocking.

Properties of 3M Surface Saver Plus Tape include:
• High torque resistance to prevent twisting
• Easy de-block
• Two de-block levels available: 1640(high)/1641(medium)
• Conformability to all types of lens styles and base curves
• Low peel adhesion for clean, effortless tape removal
• Preserves progressive markings for accurate alignment, processing, quality inspection and dispensing.

At 50 yards per roll, Surface Saver Plus Tape has 25-39% more tape per roll than most competitive brands. That means 100-140 more lenses* may be surfaced per roll before change-out.

Surface Saver Plus Tape is available in 6-roll or 12-roll cases.

NOTE: All 3M Surface Saver Plus Tapes should be stored in a cool, dry place between 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 40-60%.

3M Clear Protective Tape (for non-alloy blocking)

The 3M 1663 Clear Protective Tape is a linerless tape to be used when surfacing all types of lenses, including polycarbonate, high index and glass. While it protects premium lenses against scratches, the tape also keeps the lens surface free of contamination. 3M Clear Tape shields the lens from wax, oil and other contaminants that interfere with the uniformity and adhesion of surface coatings like AR.

Clear Protective Tape1663, containing 72 yards per double roll, is available in 3-roll or 6-roll cases/

NOTE: 3M Clear Protective Tape should be stored in a cool, dry place between 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 40-60%.

3M Surface Saver Applicator

The 3M Surface Saver Applicator has a sturdy design with a take-up reel and adjustable clutch. If repairs are required, 3M provides a loaner unit to allow the customer to maintain production continuity. For repair information or parts, please call 3M Health Care Service Center at 800-292-6298.

Signet Armorlite’s Technical Services (800-759-0075) may provide a TIPS sheet on recommended maintenance procedures.

3M Press-On Optics

These ultra-thin Fresnel lenses are designed for pre- and post-operative trial fittings, inexpensive vision therapy, during power changes and for instant corrections on sports goggles and sunglasses. The lenses, made of polyvinyl chloride, are available in 1.00D to 40.00D prisms, plus powers to 16.00D, minus power to 14.00D and D-25 segs to +6.00D. 3M Press-On Optics, all only 1mm thick, are comfortably lightweight for patients to wear and can be easily applied to any eyewear, whether prescription or plano carrier lenses.