KODAK Digital Single Vision Lenses are not ordinary lenses. They are a digital design that includes
i-Sync™ technology for clear peripheral viewing, especially important in high plus and minus prescriptions. In a standard single vision lens, the optimum viewing experience resides in the optical center of the lens. The further away the eye sees through the lens the more oblique aberrations present themselves reducing the area of clear, sharp vision. I-Sync eliminates those errors offering clear viewing to the lens edge. This feature makes KODAK Digital Single Vision Lenses ideal for frames with a wrap or face form as well as dress frames.

KODAK Digital Single Vision Lenses are available in a wide selection of options including clear, blue light filtering, auto-darkening photochromic, polarized and special tinted lenses that don’t interfere with LED screens. To maximize your viewing experience, add a no-glare coating for reduced eye strain and clear vision.

KODAK PowerUp® Lens are designed to provide close up reading support for single vision wearers. Constant device viewing at arms’ length can cause eyestrain as the optical nerve is forced to maintain the unnatural placement of your eyes focusing inward. KODAK PowerUp Lenses are enhanced single vision lenses with a power boost in the lower reading zone of the design to take the burden of accommodation and relieve the eye.

KODAK PowerUp Lenses are available in clear, photochromic, blue light filtering and polarized options for use in any environment.

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