Selecting your ideal lens design and lens option are just the beginning of great vision. Clean lenses = clear viewing.

Adding a no-glare coating, scratch resistance and blue light filters take your eyewear to the next level. You deserve the best viewing experience and your lenses should provide it for you.

Anti-Reflective or No-Glare Lenses

KODAK CleAR™ and KODAK Clean&CleAR Lenses include:

  • Scratch resistance to prolong the life of lenses
  • Glare protection to minimize reflections
  • Unsightly reflections on the lens surface
  • Reduction in the halo effect of headlights on approaching traffic, especially dangerous at night
  • Water, dirt and dust repellant properties to help keep your lenses clean
  • KODAK Clean&CleAR UV Lenses absorb the UV rays directed to the back side of your lenses so they don’t bounce off into your eye

Other Technologies

KODAK Total Blue® Lenses – (Brochure)

  • Blue-violet light filtration up to 80% between wavelengths of 380-440nm that include piercing residual UV and blue-violet light not covered by regular coatings
  • All the benefits of an anti-reflective or no-glare coating
  • Silk© ultra-slick properties for easier to clean lenses

Silk superhydrophobic, the newest addition to the KODAK Lens portfolio provides:

  • An ultra-slick lens surface that repels water, dirt, dust, fingerprints and oily smudges more than ever
  • Contaminants slide or bounce off the smooth surface
  • Minimal residual elements wipe away fast and easy
  • Less cleaning = more living

KODAK CleAR, KODAK Clean&CleAR and KODAK Total Blue Lenses are covered by most insurance plans.

Signetek Lab’s house coating BluCrystal is an affordable no-glare option for non-KODAK Lenses. This hydrophobic AR includes a light blue hue and limited one-year warranty. While it reduces glare, it does not have the anti-static and cleanability features of the KODAK No-Glare Lens coatings. Covered in insurance plans as a lab choice AR.

BluCrystal is not applied to KODAK Progressive Lenses.

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