Here at Signet Armorlite, Inc., we are proud of the way we spend our days. We work hard and smart and by the time we leave for home, each of us feels a tremendous sense of accomplishment for the work that has been done. Our professional relationships are strong and most of us can honestly say that we like the people with whom we work. We know that each of us is a trusted, respected, and valued member of the Signet Armorlite family.

We also recognize the importance of creating an environment that is fun. We use various recreational outlets to energize our workforce and keep things exciting around here. There are company sponsored events such as employee luncheons, ice cream socials, holiday celebrations and much more. In addition, we honor our longest-term employees each year. We know how fortunate we are that over 30% of our work force has at least 15 years of service. Hey, that must mean we’re doing something right!

Of course, no place is perfect, so when difficulties arise, we look to find resolution immediately. This is just one part of our positive employee philosophy that focuses on adult-to-adult communication and win-win solutions.

If Signet Armorlite Inc. sounds like the kind of place you’d enjoy working, we invite you to take a look at our Job Opportunities bulletin and apply for any position for which you may be qualified. Who knows? You may become the newest member of the Signet Armorlite family.