More On Hold Messages

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Kodak is a name known worldwide for quality and innovation. No matter what your lifestyle, there’s a KODAK Lens that’s right for your eyewear. KODAK Lenses are available in single vision for virtually any environment and multiple progressive designs that provide smooth visual performance. KODAK Lenses are right for indoor and outdoor use and are available in comfortable lightweight materials. There’s a KODAK Lens that’s right for you. Ask for them by name.

KODAK Lenses – On Hold – (MP3 – 568kb)

SCRIPT #2: KODAK Precise Progressive Lenses

KODAK Precise Progressive Lenses offer presbyopes more natural and comfortable vision that some wearers have compared to looking through a single vision lens. Using advanced mathematical geometries named Vision First Design, computer-controlled production provides more accurate prescriptions, a wider reading area and clear distance vision. There is a KODAK Precise Lens to fit both fashionable small frames and full size eyewear. Ask for them by name.

KODAK Precise Progressive Lenses – On Hold – (MP3 – 576kb)

SCRIPT #3: KODAK CleAR and Clean’N’CleAR Lens Coatings

Adding a KODAK CleAR Anti-Reflective Lens Coating to your eyewear can enhance its performance and optical benefits. It reduces the glare of your lens, allows more light to reach the eye for sharper vision and adds visual clarity for safer driving at night. Anti-reflective coatings also allow your eyes to shine through without disturbing reflections. How do they work? Several microscopically thin layers of minerals are stacked upon a hard coat layer in a clinically clean environment. The combined protective layers resist scratches, dirt, and smudges while the top hydrophobic coating makes the lens easy to clean. Anti-static properties help keep dust from clinging to your lenses. Protect your eyewear investment. Trust your vision to KODAK Lenses. Ask for them by name.

KODAK CleAR and Clean’N’CleAR Lens Coatings – On Hold – (MP3 – 944kb)