On Hold Messages

Signet Armorlite has developed a series of custom “on hold” scripts to help build practice image and stimulate inquires into the family of Signet Armorlite products. We recommend updating the content of your “on hold” system to work in synergy with your other internal marketing tools and you may choose any of the following scripts to be added to your system. Consider using your PracticePlus dollars towards updating your “on hold” message.

Eyes on HoldThe following scripts are provided
courtesty of Eyes On Hold.

Looking for an “on hold” provider? Contact Eyes On Hold at
1-877-899-2020 or www.eyesonhold.com

SCRIPT #1: KODAK Concise Progressives

Now you can have the fashionable look you want with the visual performance you need! Ask about the new “KODAK Concise Progressive.” They fit the small frames of contemporary styles without compromising the SUPERB optics you deserve. The Concise progressive design provides a generous reading area EVEN IN SMALL FRAMES. Its soft design and spacious distance viewing area provide easy adaptation. Ask about the new KODAK Concise progressive… it’s the small frame progressive lens design that has changed the rules about optical quality and fashionable eyewear.

KODAK Concise Progressive – On Hold – (MP3 – 252kb)

SCRIPT #2: KODAK Precise Lens

A. More clarity in more places… the KODAK Precise Lens is a revolutionary progressive design that offers just that – precision in optics! you can now experience more clarity, with crisp, sharp optics in all viewing zones. SOME SAY IT IS LIKE WEARING A SINGLE VISION LENS. The result is a more wearable pair of lenses with a versatility that is EASIER ON THE EYES. IT IS A MORE NATURAL VISION EXPERIENCE! Ask about the KODAK Precise Progressive today.

KODAK Precise Lens – On Hold Audio File – (MP3 – 252kb)

B. Thanks for calling. We will be with you in just a moment, but it gives us a brief chance to tell you about Signet Armorlite’s new KODAK PRECISE PROGRESSIVE. It’s the revolutionary progressive design that gives patients more clarity in more places. Here’s what that means – it gives wearers MORE CLARITY, with crisp, sharp optics. Plus, clarity in MORE PLACES, in fact in all viewing zones – near, mid-range and distance. Even the periphery is clear, so “swim” is virtually eliminated. Ask us about new KODAK PRECISE PROGRESSIVE. Again, we appreciate your call, and will be with you in just a moment.

This script is provided by Signet Amorlite, Inc.

SCRIPT #3: Navigator Short Progressive Lenses

Searching for the fashionable look of small frames with the good optics you need? Make way for the Navigator Short progressive lens from Signet Armorlite. Navigator Short offers the full array of features you are looking for – a large reading area, wide corridor and spacious clear distance zone, plus a very soft design that makes for fast adaptation. the Navigator Short progressive lens is perfect if you are a first time multi-focal wearer, or current progressive lens wearer who wants to update to younger-looking small frames. It’s also available in corning sunsensors lens material, the thinner, lighter weight plastic photochromic lens material, for the utmost in comfort and convenience.

Navigator Short Progressive Lenses – On Hold Audio File – (MP3 – 320kb)

Eyes on HoldScripts and audio demos were produced by Eyes On Hold. Looking for an “on hold” provider? Contact Eyes On Hold at 1-877-899-2020 or www.eyesonhold.com

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