Patient Experience

More Clarity and Contrast
Greatly improve your vision by allowing the maximum amount of available light to reach your eyes. More light means sharper vision.

Reduce Eyestrain
Eliminate irritating glare from artificial lighting and computers, providing less stress on your eyes and more comfortable viewing.

Safer, Comfortable Night Driving
Significantly reduce night-time reflections, and improve your ability to see objects in low light for safer, more comfortable night driving.

Easy to Clean
Optical technology makes it easier than ever to care for your lenses. Oily smudges and grime wipe away with ease.

Scratch Resistance
Protect your lenses from irritating scratches so they will last longer and look better over the life of your prescription.

Let Your Eyes Shine Through
Eliminate distracting reflections and glare visible to others; your lenses will appear thinner and more transparent – like no lenses at all!

Anti-Static Protection
Anti-static properties resist dust and dirt.

KODAK Clean&CleAR – Added Protection
In addition, KODAK Clean&CleAR Lenses contain a super-slick hydrophobic top coat, sealing the lens and repelling water.

KODAK Clean&CleAR UV – Added UV Protection
In addition to all the great features and benefits of KODAK Clean&CleAR Lenses, KODAK Clean&CleAR UV Lenses reduce backside UV reflections by more than 5X when compared to standard AR-coated lenses.

Why Prescribe KODAK No-Glare Lenses?

Help Patients See Clear and Crisp
With ordinary lenses, a portion of visible light is reflected away and doesn’t reach the eye. More reflections and less light mean poor vision. KODAK No-Glare Lenses allow the maximum amount of available light to reach the eye providing clear and crisp vision.

The CleAR Choice for Your Patients

  • Easy-To-Clean
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Reduces Night-time Reflections
  • Eliminates Irritating Glare

Engineered for Performance
KODAK No-Glare Lenses include: protective layers that provide durability and scratch resistance; several microscopic layers of minerals that effectively reduce reflections over a broad band of wavelengths.