Patient Experience

Make the most of your vision. Upgrade to KODAK Digital Progressive Lenses to experience the world around you in greater detail.

Vision Needs
We rely on prescription eyewear to restore our distance, near and intermediate vision. The goal in progressive lens fabrication has always been to provide sharp, clear vision for all distances.

Digital Technology
Ophthalmic lens production recently entered a new age – the digital age. Sophisticated software programs create more precise complex lens designs and state-of-the-art digital machinery produces prescriptions with pinpoint accuracy.

This translates into lenses with a higher level of visual performance previously unattainable with the traditional process.

Why Prescribe KODAK Digital Lenses?

Digital Performance
KODAK Digital Progressive Lenses are created by adding complex three-dimensional improvements to an already high-performing lens design.

KODAK Digital Progressive Lenses upgrade front-surface KODAK Progressive Lenses by adding a complex, three-dimensional back-surface design.

  • KODAK Precise Digital Lens
  • KODAK Precise Short Digital Lens
  • KODAK Concise Digital Lens

Vision for all distances is refined, and eyewear with flatter lens surfaces offers added cosmetic appeal.

SA Digital Design Technology™ creates a complex, three-dimensional back surface with high precision. This technology, added to the back surface of the lens, builds upon the front-surface progressive lens design.

Wavefront errors are reduced and image quality is improved in the principal viewing areas of the lens that result in sharper vision.

All patients will benefit from KODAK Digital Progressive Lenses with the most significant improvements offered to patients with stronger prescriptions. Hyperopes will benefit from larger near and distance viewing areas. And myopes will continue to receive a wide near zone while enjoying a wider, clearer distance area.

Choosing KODAK Digital Progressive Lenses for your patients allow them to experience a more consistent optical performance over the range of prescription powers.

KODAK Digital Progressive Lenses are available in three corridor lengths in a wide range of lens materials.