Patient Experience

Award-Winning Design Created with Proprietary Technology

KODAK Precise PB Progressive Lenses combine award-winning design with proprietary technology offering easy adaptation, along with smooth transition between near, mid and far distances.

Digitally-Produced for Exceptional Precision
With the exceptional precision of digital production, KODAK Precise PB Progressive Lenses translate into the perfect lenses for your eyes.

KODAK Precise PB Progressive Lens viewing areas work together smoothly to provide:

  • Natural head and eye movement for up-close activities
  • Smooth transition from far to near with clear mid-range vision
  • Broad, clear distance vision

Why Prescribe KODAK Precise PB Lenses?

All the features and benefits of the award-winning KODAK Precise Progressive Lens in a full-backside progressive.

KODAK Precise PB Progressive Lenses are created using Vision First Design™, a proprietary technology that controls the surface power at virtually every point on the lens. The result is a smooth power increase across the entire lens, top to bottom.

Vision First Design provides:

  • A broad field of view in a clear distance area
  • Smooth gradation of power across the surface of the lens to ease patient adaptation
  • Gentle binocular balance for quick, clear object recognition
  • Visual quality often compared to a single vision lens

All viewing areas work together to provide a more natural wearing experience, while maintaining excellent individual performance.

  • The wide near zone is perfectly placed to promote natural head and eye movement for up-close activities. This gives presbyopes the reading power they need, where they need it most.
  • The intermediate zone transitions smoothly between distance and near, while providing clear mid-range vision.
  • The distance area is large and provides excellent optics.

The smooth progression of power across the lens greatly reduces the swim effect, making it virtually unnoticeable by most wearers. With peripheral distortion all but eliminated, adaptation is fast and easy.

For small frames, use KODAK Precise Short PB Progressive Lenses, offering the same superb optics in a short-corridor lens design.