The Patient’s Viewing Experience

Enhanced reading area for prolonged viewing.

KODAK Unique DRO Progressive Lens includes the use of Dynamic Reading Optimization, a proprietary technology that helps enrich and enhance the reading area – so important when viewing mobile devices.

Advanced computer technology ensures optical quality.

Digitally-created to provide sharp, clear viewing near, far and in-between. Whether choosing a small or large frame, a computer program will select from six KODAK Unique DRO Lens designs to properly locate the viewing areas.

Unique eyewear to suit unique lifestyles.

KODAK Unique DRO and Unique DRO HD Progressive Lenses are offered with UV and glare protection, thinness and lightweight comfort, and convenient darkness adaptation to light changes. Choose anti-reflection coverage so lenses are easy to clean.

Customized to the individual patient.

With KODAK Unique DRO HD Lens, the patient can experience full prescription optimization with the use of as-worn measurements.

Why Prescribe KODAK Unique DRO or Unique DRO HD Lenses?

KODAK Unique DRO and Unique DRO HD Progressive Lenses includes proprietary technology :
• Dynamic Reading Optimization
• Vision First Design Technology
• i-Sync Technology

The Most Convenient Lens to Use
• No extra dispensing measurements or equipment are required.
The technology used to create KODAK Unique DRO Progressive Lenses selects the corridor length for each patient’s Rx based on the frame size, monocular PD and fitting heights. This ensures the best overall visual performance for nearly any B measurement, large or very small.

• Over 60 Lens Material Options
Nearly all major lens materials are available – Multiple indices in clear, photochromic and polarized.

Back Surface Lens Design
State-of-the-art technology uses diamond-tip, high-speed cutting and integrated digital surfacing to transfer the Vision First Design to the backside of the lens.

Option for Full Patient Rx Customization
The ‘HD’ in KODAK Unique DRO HD Lens stands for ‘High-Definition’ and fulfills this description by including point-of-wear measurements to more highly customize the lens to the individual patient’s viewing needs.

Extra-Durable, Two-Side Hard Coat Protection
A durable hard coat is applied using a dip-coat method for optimal results, and a choice of KODAK Anti-Reflectives are available