KODAK Photochromic Lenses

Comfortable viewing indoors and outdoors without switching eyewear.

KODAK Photochromic Lenses change from light to dark with UV exposure and from dark to light indoors.

KODAK Transitions® Lenses

KODAK Transitions Lenses combine the power of two consumer-known brands to offer high-performance, comfortable vision every day.

KODAK Transitions® Signature VII Lenses are ideal for patients who want:

  • Maximum indoor clarity.
  • Responsiveness to UV outdoors.
  • Want the most balanced lens for everyday activities.

KODAK Transitions® XTRActive™ Lenses are ideal for patients who:

  • Spend more time outdoors.
  • Look for superior darkness outdoors.

KODAK Transitions® Vantage™ Lenses are ideal for patients who:

  • Insists on the latest technology available.
  • Value feature-rich products.
  • Like crisp, sharp vision outdoor.

PhotoViews™ Photochromic Lenses

A Great Alternative for Tight Budgets!
PhotoViews photochromic lenses rapidly keep up with changing light conditions while providing full direct UV protection.

PhotoViews photochromic lenses are ideal for patients who:

  • Are being introduced to photochromic lenses for the first time.
  • Want fast fade time and full direct UV protection at a smart price.

KODAK Anti-Reflective Coatings are recommended for all KODAK Photochromic Lenses.