Patient Experience

A wide range of benefits to suit every lifestyle and vision correction needed in direct sunlight and bright environments.

  • Impact Resistant for Sports and Overall Durability
  • Great Color Contrast
  • Thin, Light Materials for Comfortable Eyewear
  • Drill-Mount Friendly Options for Rimless Frames
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Polarized Photochromic that allows automatic light control
  • Double-side Hard Coat for Long-Lasting, Easy-to-Clean Eyeglasses

Add KODAK No-Glare Lens Coating
By adding a KODAK No-Glare Lens Coating, you experience multiple benefits including:

  • Resistance to oily smudges, dust and dirt
  • Protection from irritating lens scratches
  • Reduction of eyestrain and fatigue caused by artificial lighting and computer screens.
  • Reduction of nighttime reflections

Why Prescribe KODAK Sun Lenses?

KODAK Sun Lenses are available in progressive, single vision and bifocal lens designs and offer a variety of lens materials to help protect vision outside. 


  • Always dark
  • Dramatically reduces glare
  • Increases clarity and color contrast
  • Protects against 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays

Transitions Vantage

  • Virtually clear lens that incorporates variable polarization when exposed to UV rays
  • Changes back from dark to light indoors

Transitions Drivewear

  • Reduces glare outdoors and from inside of car
  • Changes from green/yellow to copper to dark red-brown
  • Protects against 100% of sun’s harmful UV rays

KODAK Total Blue Polarized

  • Unique combination of lens material and no-glare lens coating
  • Filters up to 80% of HEV Blue Light
  • Protects against 100% of sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Minimal residual color

KODAK Sun Mirrors

  • Polarized polycarbonate material for impact resistance
  • Always dark for glare protection behind the windshield
  • Protects against 100% of sun’s harmful UV rays


  • Polycarbonate material for impact resistance
  • Proprietary in-mass technology for durable solid tint
  • Filters light to enhance color contrast and brighten color perception