Product Training

Launch KODAK Unique Lens e-Brochure Training

Launch KODAK Unique DS Lens Training

Instructions for using on an iPad

  1. Open Safari with wifi turned on and an internet connection is available
  2. Click on link above – “Launch KODAK Unique Lens e-Brochure Training” or “Launch KODAK Unique DS Lens Training”
  3. Wait a short period of time to make sure it’s fully loaded (10-15 seconds).
  4. At the bottom of your browser screen, press the square with an arrow pointing right button (that’s next to the location bar).
  5. Press “Add to Home Screen”
  6. Name the icon “KODAK Unique Lens e-brochure” or “KODAK Unique DS Lens e-brochure”
  7. Anytime you want to access the training, you can now click on that APP icon from your iPad homescreen.