Announcing KODAK DSII Progressive Lens

Carlsbad, CA (November 17, 2015)

Signet Armorlite Announces KODAK DSII™ Progressive Lens –
The Highest Level of KODAK Progressive Lens Design

Recently, Signet Armorlite, Inc. (SA) undertook a rebranding of its Kodak Lens product line as the Kodak Lens Professional Series. SA also renewed its commitment to deliver exceptional innovation through both products and practice-support services exclusively to independent ECPs. As part of this commitment, SA is pleased to announce its premier addition to the Kodak Lens Professional Series — Kodak DSII Progressive Lens.

Kodak DSII Lens offers the highest level of visual performance and technology in a Kodak Progressive Lens. Using our proprietary dual-side progressive design technology, Kodak DSII Lens delivers a precisely-crafted, custom prescription. With availability in 26 materials, Kodak DSII Lens is fully customized to the individual patient by incorporating the point-of-wear measurement into the lens design. By combining a proprietary lens blank with multiple proprietary technologies, Kodak DSII Lens wearers can expect a fully-customized prescription and fit with exceptional vision at all distances.

“Design drives lens performance, and we are confident we have achieved that next level of optimal performance with our new dual-side progressive design – Kodak DSII Lens. In a highly competitive market, Kodak DSII Lens offers ECPs an exceptional solution to satisfy even the most demanding progressive wearer who accepts nothing but the best,” states Edward P. DeRosa, Executive Vice President, Signet Armorlite, Inc.

To learn more about Kodak DSII Progressive Lens or the Kodak Lens Professional Series, please visit or Product literature for Kodak DSII Lens is available to order at

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