SA Introduces KODAK KolorUp™ Sun Lenses

Carlsbad, CA (February 2018)

Signet Armorlite Introduces KODAK KolorUp™ Sun Lenses

Signet Armorlite (SA) announces the addition of Kodak KolorUp Lenses to the Kodak Sun Lens product portfolio. Kodak KolorUp Sun Lenses are a unique range of sun filters to enhance color vision outdoors.

Using a proprietary in-mass tinting technology, Kodak KolorUp Sun Lens enables greater definition between colors. Kodak KolorUp Lens brightens color recognition while at the same time, reduces uncomfortable glare and protects eyes from UV rays. The special in-mass technology process guarantees greater color consistency throughout the lens, no matter how thin the prescription lens and will not fade over time. The unique tinting process also enables easy viewing of digital devices outdoors.

Kodak KolorUp Sun Lens is available in three tint options: gray, gray-green and brown. The polycarbonate material is lightweight for comfortable long-term wearing and impact resistant, making it highly suitable for outdoor activities. Lens design availability includes full-backside KODAK Progressive Lens designs and digitally-produced single vision lenses.

To help explain the unique color enhancement properties of Kodak KolorUp Lens to patients, a lens demonstration kit is available. The demo kit includes bright imagery and product information along with three KolorUp Lenses and one polarized poly lens for color comparison. All four lenses are able to be displayed as well as removed from the kit to help the patient experience Kodak KolorUp Lens in the outdoors.

As part of the Kodak Lens Professional Series, Kodak KolorUp Sun Lenses are available exclusively to independent ECPs. To learn more about Kodak KolorUp Sun Lenses or the Kodak Lens Professional Series, please visit or To order Kodak KolorUp Sun Lens product literature or to request a demo lens kit, please visit

About Signet Armorlite

Signet Armorlite has been manufacturing and distributing ophthalmic lenses since 1947. The headquarters and lens technology center, Signetek, are located in Carlsbad, California. Signet Armorlite holds the worldwide distribution license for KODAK Lens.

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