Introducing PhotoViews Photochromic Lenses in Polycarbonate

Carlsbad, CA (April 16, 2014)

PhotoViews™ Photochromic Lenses Now Available in Polycarbonate

Signet Armorlite is pleased to announce the addition of polycarbonate to the PhotoViews photochromic lenses material options.

PhotoViews photochromic lenses were first launched in standard resin, offering a faster fade time, over previous generations of photochromics, and 100% direct UV protection — a great option for first-time photochromic lens wearers. Now, the addition of polycarbonate expands its use for drill mount frames. PhotoViews photochromic lenses are available in single vision and progressive lens designs, including a majority of KODAK Progressive Lenses.

“PhotoViews lenses are a great entry-level photochromic lens option for wholesale labs and eyecare professionals. ECPs now have two lens material options to offer to patients for comfortable vision indoors and outdoors,” states Ed DeRosa, Executive Vice President, N.A. Sales and Operations, Signet Armorlite

To learn more about PhotoViews Photochromic Lenses, please visit Eyecare professionals can register to receive a PhotoViews lens patient demo kit. To order PhotoViews photochromic lenses, contact your preferred optical lab.

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